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I’m Dr. Ray Elliotte, a Louisville cosmetic dentist practicing sedation dentistry and general dentistry.  As a former “dental phobic” myself, I can definitely relate to my patients’ fears. My personal fears led to twelve years of neglect, until I finally met with the right dentist. I have never forgotten how peaceful and quiet his office felt. To this day, I have built my practice around that chance meeting.

Here at Dorsey Family Dental, our primary goal is to make sure that you have a pleasant dental experience. To help you relax we offer nitrous oxide, a low light atmosphere and soothing music on digital headphones. If you need more help to relax we also offer oral sedation, which provides extended relaxation while we restore your beautiful smile.  Look no further for a Louisville dentist.  We can take care of any dental problems that you have – all in a very relaxed, pleasant atmosphere.

Give me a call today to book an appointment.  I’ll make sure that you have a wonderful dental experience.  Click here to listen to what my patients have to say!


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