Louisville Cosmetic Dentist – Dr. Tina Lefta

Look no further for the best Louisville Cosmetic Dentist in town! Dr. Lefta provides the highest quality dentistry using the most innovative technology available in the dental field. Her goal is to meet and exceed your expectations, because even the most beautiful smile make over can be considered to be a failure if  patients are not satisfied.
I vow to listen carefully to your desires and work with you to make sure you get the desired outcome. Come see me and you will not be disappointed.


Tina Lefta, DMD

Brightening, Contouring and Polishing. Smooth our your teeth’s rough edges to get that beautiful, symmetrical look. Louisville Cosmetic Dentist
Bonding – Uses a natural-looking material to beautifully fill in chipped edges and gaps between teeth.
Natural Color Fillings – Not only an attractive replacement for unsightly silver fillings, but they are stronger and non-toxic.
Crowns – With new, natural-looking all porcelain crowns, there’s no more unsightly metal margin at the gum line.
Veneers – Use thin layers of porcelain laminated directly to your teeth, giving you an overall “smile lift” and a whole new improved look that will last for years.


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