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 Dr. Lefta enjoys treating adults and children alike!

This convenience is greatly appreciated by the parents who can schedule

appointments for the entire family in one place!

Preventative Care

Comprehensive examination including Oral Cancer Screening, radiographs and cleanings are the foundation of a healthy mouth. Fluoride varnish or foam is offered to all patient to reduce risk of cavities and reduce sensitivity to cold. Dental sealants are recommended on most children’s permanent molars to reduce the risk of cavities. Dr. Lefta uses digital radiography which delivers a significant lesser amount of radiation than traditional x-rays.

Restorations (Dental Fillings/ Bonding)

Tooth-colored fillings that perfectly match the shade of your teeth can be used to restore chipped teeth or replace broken silver restorations. These procedures can drastically improve your smile.

Root Canals

They have such a bad reputation! Dr. Lefta will assure your procedure goes smoothly and is completed efficiently.


Whether it is a stubborn baby tooth that is not allowing the permanent one to come in or  a cracked or severely decayed adult tooth that is not salvageable Dr. Lefta has you covered! She has experience in completing both simple and surgical extractions, including the placement of a bone graft, following tooth extraction.