When it comes to choosing a dental care provider, we know your options are many.
Let’s be honest, very few of us genuinely enjoy going to the dentist.
For most of us, seeing a dentist is a uniquely uncomfortable experience… it’s just one of those things we check off the list every 6 months to prevent future dental problems… for others, it’s a dreaded experience put off for years, until pain forces us to go seek care.
Maybe you had an unpleasant dental experience as a child or adult… maybe you have a fear of dental injections or cannot stand the loud noise of the drill or scraping sounds of dental instruments, maybe you dislike the ‘smell’ of a dental office….You’re not alone!
As dental patients ourselves, my staff and I have experienced all the fears described above.
We can relate and understand you, thus we have found ways to combat patients’ fears and make your next dental visit a pleasant one!